Fostering Collaborative Partnerships for Sustained Long-Term Success

At Supplier Collaboration Project, we are committed to delivering success to ANZ suppliers in the FMCG grocery industry.

With a on collaboration, compliance, and community, we aim to elevate and facilitating a successful market entry, with sustained growth and scalability. Through our hands-on approach and genuine partnerships, we strive to drive the success of ANZ suppliers, making a significant impact on the nation’s FMCG sector.

Baxter’s Original
“Resounding results in a very short period”

"Baxter’s Original recently partnered with Jayden Kilpatrick and the innovative Supplier Collaboration Project (SCP).. and with resounding results in a very short period! Sales are rising rapidly, and we have a fresh 'Get on the Sauce' re-brand and campaign ready to launch with thanks to the Blue Ocean Agency, partners of SCP.

It is clear that Jay has an immense passion for FMCG and vast experience in this field. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with and always transparent with clear communications. This is a welcome relief for us in knowing that we have the best support in brand development, whilst enabling us to focus on scaling manufacturing and distribution to supply the growing demand that SCP brings to the table, and the shelves!"

Berrin Moody
Managing Director
Baxter’s Original

Storehouse Imports
“Negotiated fantastic outcomes with our key accounts”

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jayden for the past 2 years as we worked together closely to continue developing and growing St Dalfour Fruit Spreads in the New Zealand market.

Jayden was our key account manager and was instrumental in our survival and continued growth during a very difficult period of business in NZ (Covid supply issues, price increases and many business disruptions that entailed). He negotiated fantastic outcomes with our key accounts during this time with sales, distribution, and value and did so always with passion and professionalism.

Jayden is a pleasure to work with, he has a great attitude and is a natural communicator. He is extremely knowledgeable and very well versed in and including sales & marketing, department management, territory management, field sales management and national account management. Jayden is adept at building relationships at customer, supplier, team level negotiating positive outcomes between all. Jayden can think creatively and has shown many times how adaptable, resilient and trustworthy he is. During his time as our key account manager, he became a trusted confidant and advisor.“

Sarah Campbell
Managing Director
The Storehouse Importing Company Limited

“A level of detail and care that you don’t get from larger companies”

“Finding the right partnership in the FMCG space was one of our biggest hurdles to date.

From the moment I met Jay, I knew that he had the right experience, skills and connections to help get our brand on, and off the shelves. Jay goes above and beyond for his clients, with a level of detail and care that you don’t get from larger companies.

The biggest element was being able to trust that our business was in the right hands, and it is.”

Nerys Whelan
Managing Director, Modest

Location In the heart of the golden triangle.

Strategically located in the small town of Pukekawa, right between Auckland and Hamilton, we easily get around all major retailers in the golden triangle, and cover the whole North Island.

Physical Address: 85 Hunt Road, Pukekawa 2696

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