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SCP offers a comprehensive suite of services to elevate your brand’s success

Our comprehensive suite of services are designed to empower your business and elevate your brand in the market.

From Account Management and Compliance Management to Field Sales and Relationship Management, we offer a strategic array of solutions that encompass all facets of your market presence. Furthermore, our Holistic Business Support, Tailored Merchandising Solutions, Sampling and Transparent Pricing Structure provide you with the tools and expertise needed to excel in today’s competitive landscape. Explore the possibilities and seize new opportunities with our tailored services that put your brand at the forefront of success.

Consulting and Strategy Navigating FMCG Success

Navigate the intricacies of the FMCG industry with confidence.

Our expert consultants provide strategic guidance to suppliers, helping establish new brands and elevate existing ones.

From market entry to brand positioning, we are committed to steering your business toward success in this dynamic sector.

Industry Insights Staying Ahead in Grocery Dynamics

Stay ahead in the ever-evolving grocery landscape with SCP’s industry insights.

Our team conducts in-depth market analyses and trend assessments, providing you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Count on us to keep you abreast of market shifts and emerging opportunities.

Account Management Building Lasting Retail Relationships

SCP goes beyond service – we build lasting relationships. Our dedicated account management services ensure strong ties with retailers and distributors.

We secure optimal promotions, shelf space, and market positioning for your products.

Additionally, our flexible cover options, including short-term and maternity leave, guarantee continuous support for your business.

Compliance Services Seamless Market Access Assurance

In the realm of marketing and promotional activation, SCP’s Compliance Service stands as your assurance for seamless market access.

With our specialized compliance management expertise, entrust that SCP is diligently managing the compliance landscape, facilitating strategic outcomes from your marketing and promotional agreements.

Field Sales & Relationship Maintenance Driving Sales Growth, Fostering Relationships

Boost your sales and maintain strong relationships with SCP’s field sales experts.

Our team works tirelessly on your behalf, driving sales growth through strategic initiatives and robust relationship management.

From market penetration to ongoing support, we are dedicated to maximizing your brand’s performance in the field.

Merchandising Service Tailored Impact for Maximum Presence

Tailored to meet your specific needs, SCP’s merchandising service is highly customisable.

Whether you require area-specific coverage, store-focused initiatives, or comprehensive market coverage, our flexible approach ensures your products are strategically positioned for maximum impact.

Let us elevate your brand presence through targeted and effective merchandising solutions.

Jayden is adept at building relationships at customer, supplier, team level negotiating positive outcomes between all. Jayden can think creatively and has shown many times how adaptable, resilient and trustworthy he is. During his time as our key account manager, he became a trusted confidant and advisor.

Sarah Campbell, Managing Director, The Storehouse Importing Company Limited

Finding the right partnership in the FMCG space was one of our biggest hurdles to date.

From the moment I met Jay, I knew that he had the right experience, skills and connections to help get our brand on, and off the shelves. Jay goes above and beyond for his clients, with a level of detail and care that you don’t get from larger companies.

The biggest element was being able to trust that our business was in the right hands, and it is.

Nerys Whelan, Managing Director, Modest

It is clear that Jay has an immense passion for FMCG and vast experience in this field. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with and always transparent with clear communications. This is a welcome relief for us in knowing that we have the best support in brand development, whilst enabling us to focus on scaling manufacturing and distribution to supply the growing demand that SCP brings to the table, and the shelves!

Berrin Moody, Managing Director, Baxter’s Original

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What do you need to know?

We’ll not only help you stock your product throughout New Zealand’s major retailers, we’ll also help you understand this new phase of growth and what to watch out for in the industry landscape. Here are some common questions our customers find helpful.

Supplier Collaboration Project FAQs
What are Ranging Classifications

Ranging classifications are meticulously determined by category managers at a head office level. The process involves intricate considerations, including store clusters and sizes. These classifications are tailored to align with the demographics of each store’s consumers and the overall footprint of the establishment.

Where Does My Product Fit?

Our collaborative approach begins with understanding your product’s unique position in the market. Whether it’s securing a place in head office ranging or optimizing placement at the store level, we analyze your journey. Employing a ‘good, better, and best’ model, we evaluate your competitors’ offerings and category performance to ensure your positioning aligns with current market dynamics.

How Do I Develop My Pricing Model and Structure?

Partnering with you, we assist in constructing a comprehensive bottom-up pricing model. This collaborative effort enables us to strategically position your brand and product within the market.

How Can I Plan Forecasting as a New Market Entrant?

Navigating the challenge of forecasting without sales history can be formidable. Leveraging data trends and the current sales rates of similar products or categories, we employ a scalable model. This model incorporates your growth potential over the initial 3 years, making forecasting more robust as sales history accumulates through marketing and ongoing consumer education.

How Can I Scale and Grow My Business with Limited Funds?

Recognizing the critical role of working capital in scaling, we collaborate with you to provide resources for business projections and growth targets. Our goal is to assist you in navigating the path to scalable success even with limited financial resources.

Where Do I Start?

Initiate your journey by scheduling a free, no-commitment call with us. During this consultation, we’ll delve into your ideas, plans, or product journey. From there, we can collaboratively explore opportunities without stress or strings attached.

Location In the heart of the golden triangle.

Strategically located in the small town of Pukekawa, right between Auckland and Hamilton, we easily get around all major retailers in the golden triangle, and cover the whole North Island.

Physical Address: 85 Hunt Road, Pukekawa 2696

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