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Uncover the Future of Collaborative Partnerships in the FMCG Broker/Distributor Services Sector

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Avoid additional recruitment costs. Swift and efficient temporary staffing solutions. Comprehensive coverage across FMCG needs. Expertise in roles such as merchandising, territory, and account management.

Let SCP be your go-to partner for seamless and cost-effective staffing solutions in the FMCG sector. Get in touch now to discuss how we can support your business!

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85 Hunt Road, Pukekawa 2696

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Location In the heart of the golden triangle.

Strategically located in the small town of Pukekawa, right between Auckland and Hamilton, we easily get around all major retailers in the golden triangle, and cover the whole North Island.

Physical Address: 85 Hunt Road, Pukekawa 2696

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Our comprehensive support, steadfast dedication to local brands, and profound industry expertise helps supplier who are aiming to thrive in the dynamic FMCG grocery industry. Schedule an obligation free discovery call with us today.

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